Welcome and thank you for your interest in Bowers Wealth Management. You may know me as the editor of Fidelity Monitor & Insight, a monthly newsletter on investing in Fidelity’s mutual funds. I’m proud to say that The Hulbert Financial Digest has recognized Fidelity Monitor & Insight for being a top performer among investment newsletters over the past 30 years.
Jack Bowers
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At Bowers Wealth Management, I manage our client accounts utilizing the same investment approach that has guided Fidelity Monitor & Insight for the past two-plus decades, but with two important differences.

First, as a client of Bowers Wealth, your portfolio will be tailored much more specifically to your personal financial situation. Just as important, we will regularly review your personal situation to make sure your portfolio remains appropriate to your changing needs.

Second, we do all the work of portfolio construction and trading for you. Navigating today’s financial markets on your own is no easy task. It takes time to do thorough research. It takes a clear understanding of economic trends to identify the right opportunities.

Lastly, it takes confidence in your analysis (and a strong stomach) to stay with an appropriate long-term strategy in the face of today’s extreme volatility.

When you hire us to look after your portfolio, we’ll put in the hours and hours of research and analysis. We’ll stay on top of the latest economic developments. We’ll create a portfolio strategy that fits your unique needs, then stick with it -- making trades only when our research identifies better opportunities, or the economic landscape shifts.  
Jack Bowers

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